Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


anyone else lose a ton of money the last two weeks LOL



yeah i’ve lost all the gains from january. bye bye MP4-12c :frowning:

HODLING though. same thing happened last year around this time and in the same fashion.

some of these guys are really showing good progress on their Q reports too. Some not so much.

Organigram had a good report the other day, whereas the guys i am large on… EMH, MARI, EMC etc. just keep losing their ass over and over.

if any lesson has been learned though is that i will be taking some $ off the table if we see another run up like what we have seen 2-3 times in the last 18 months.

it’ll be much easier to handle a pull-back after having taken $40k off the table and put it on a car or a vacation or something.


My Canopy is taking off again :+1:



I would like to see 45-50 before I sell.


I’m not mad after this week :+1:


Today was insane!!!


yes we’re starting to show signs of life for sure… i still want my $100k back though please… in due time.


Canopy is on fire!


no doubt! I got in canopy from reading bings posts, got in when it was still in the teens :wink:

seriously @bing consider BLOZF again.


Nah man, I’m not playing the BLO game anymore.

I want my portfolio to get back to where it was and then I’m going to consolidate into fewer holdings with larger stakes. Going to increase my US weed stocks and also decrease the weighting of weed overall and get into some more energy and monthly dividend stuff.

I like not looking at things for a while, logging back in and having a bunch of free $ to buy more stupid YOLO stocks

I averaged down on BE on Friday and it popped 30%. That was dividend $.


I’ve been stressed out wondering what an exit position would be. I always said I’d quit stocks if I can pay off my house with my gains, and well I’m almost there, and I don’t want to cash out anytime soon.

so to cheer up, I watched some SCotttttty KILMMMMMMMMMMMMMErrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Canopy went up another 11% today to just under 46$. I can’t take it anymore. I cashed out half my shares, averaging cost at 19$ per share. I more than doubled.

I lost almost 100k worth of unrealized gains in the crypto market, I’m not making that mistake again.


Dude, do not back off canopy right now.

All of the buying has been US wealth management (jpm etc). All of the selling has been small retail brokerages. That is why it has been mooning all week.

Aph is now on the same trajectory with the Diageo rumors.

I’m up $45k from last Tuesday. Still a looooong way to go though. Today, thus far, has been my best day in months though.


Oh i still have plenty of shares, just taking some profits :smiley:

I’m thinking since I partially cashed out of canopy at their all time high, Aurora is still at 50% of their ATH. I could take what I have from Canopy and buy some aurora instead of keeping allllll the profits for myself.

EDIT: On a side note, the 4 billion that was invested by constellation into canopy brings their target stock price from the mid 30’s to roughly 45$

The money is just sitting in my fidelity account. If canopy has a pullback, which im guessing will happen since it’s risen more than 50% in ten business days, I may just dump all the money back into canopy and gain some shares.

I can see this stock being 100+ dollars by 2020.


I’ll link some good info when I’m at my desk.

As for ACB, holders of record today get 1:1 shares in their US spin out, australis.

Gene and snn are doing spin outs too. This suggests a US listing for each of them.

Look at what tilray, cron and Canopy have been doing in the last 2 weeks. These are the only one US listed stocks right now and they are each on absolute fire.

Very excited to be holding ACB given that. Also, they have yet to do a beverage or pharma deal so still plenty of catalysts to come.



that is some of the best info from this week in that tweet above.

today was great. FIRE, CRON,NINE, EMC all killed it for me today.

still a long way to go to get back to January for me since im holding so wide.

What is really standing out to me is the impact of a US listing. CRON and TLRY have been on an absolute tear this past week, disproportionately relative to many other plays given the new releases.

I think this firmly supports the impact of listing in the US and adding all the liquidity given the action on Canopy this week from that tweet.

If you agree, then consider that ACB is likely spinning out Australis so that it can add a US listing on the NASDAQ or NYSE for Aurora. Then GENE and SNN have released plans to also separate out US vs. CDN business.


We’ve been on a 5 day bull run. I have roughly 10K I wanna play with even though I feel greedy doing so. I’m thinking if Aurora drops a bit (THEY ALL GOTTA FUCKIN DROP SOMETIME) I’m gonna pick them up.

From what I’ve seen Aurora is really looking to conquer the world compared to canopy. They used their own shares to buy out other companies which I believe is why the price dropped.


Yes aurora is the king of dilution. It is frustrating but it may yet work.

I expect that as soon as the US goes fed-legal the likes of canopy and aurora will throw their paper around like crazy and scoop up much of the best US operators at that time.


Sold all my Canopy at 45 and jumped back in at 41 today. Getting “free” shares is one of the biggest rushes I’ve ever had in my life, I have the urge to put a lit cigarette out on my forearm. I can see why people get addicted to day trading and lose everything.

I also used some of those profits to get into Aurora!

I’m no day trader by any means but the pattern for Canopy is almost recognizable every time. It’s probably the same for most stocks honestly. It hits it’s new 52 week high, goes on a 2 day bull run, and then always drops roughly 10%.

I may keep using this strategy to increase my market share.


Killer day today.

5 core holdings up 10%+ and another 5 up 5%+

Hopefully this continues the rest of the week. Not yet back into McLaren territory but already back into a decent 997 territory :slight_smile: