Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


I re-sold my canopy back at 45.80, then tried to sell my Aurora and got my first good faith violation. After that I applied for margin, to buy and sell as I please.


see you on the fucking moon brother


lmao let’s not make this another bitcoin bubble!

Also I was approved for margin! No more violations, day trading enabled!


I got approved for margin on my smallest trading account a while back but I’m not using it.


Up 50 shares on canopy growth by swing trading. God I can feel this becoming a problem.


Most weed stocks have now dropped thanks to this.


Yeah those fggts cost me $8k today.


Wow, bnn/bloomberg and 2 separate analysts have come out in support of cronos this evening.

Andrew left did an msnbc interview that wasn’t great for him.

Cronos ceo was compelled to issue a bland statement dismissing left’s short.

Crazy sequence of events today on this stock.


I’m currently on the sidelines. Everything is still flying but Aurora is dropping. I may make a move on aurora and jump back in.

Not to cross thread but bought some more ripple today!


Still on the sidelines, at first I got mad at myself, when I sold at 46$ and CGC hit 54ish, but it’s been dropping hard and keeps falling in post/pre market.

I’ll jump back in after the hype stops.

Still hodling my BLOZF


CRON is going bananas.

today was a consolidation day but i was flat. looking forward to the next couple weeks leading up to oct 17.

serious plays in the US are really going bonkers. GTII in particular. CWEB too.


8 holdings up 10-30% today. feels good man.


BLOZF and my Aurora up today! I took some profits when I was up over 100% on canopy. Only 21 grand left to go until my mortgage is paid off!!!


That’s amazing.

I really should take some off to do that too but all I can think about is how much potential profit I’ll lose.

If I had of stayed in the big 3 I would have an extra $60k right now.


All I can remember is losing 100K in crypto because I got greedy. If I do that again I’ll jump into traffic lol


:joy::joy::joy: me on an ICO I got Into. While btc was crashing , and the market was falling hard a few months back, my $800 turned I to $19k. I almost pulled the trigger. Then it went down but came back up , and now way down. Easily $45k right there without trying to time the exact top, and bottom, within 30% would have been fine.

I want to get in on this weed stuff, is there a “go to” place for info?


R/weedstocks on reddit is the best.

However, there are a number of excellent websites with aggregated info as well.


I’ve been looking into Flurotech. Basically MJ testing equipment for potency and illegal substances such as fentanyl in consumer weed products.



Stocks are getting fucked today hard.

We were due for a heavy down day though.