Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


What do you think a good target price for Aurora is?


i dont know. i’ve been thinking alot about it because i have a small position that i am thinking of increasing.

it hasnt run up at all like the others and is about to go on the nasdaq but it’s only just coming out today that it’ll be in October.

you missed the australis spin off date though. that was a nice dividend in kind.






They should take the live lobsters and bash them on the table till death and then throw them in the customers lap.


how bout that Tilray today?!?


800% in one month. They weren’t even on my radar at all prior to this massive bull run.


I’ve been up strong every day since Thursday of last week. We’ll need to correct a bit this week at some point. I thought it would be today but doesn’t look like it.

Cron is killing it today and 2 great days in a row for Aurora.

My ALEF turned into a triple today too. Just hit a double on HEXO yesterday.


I’m not going to sell my Aurora shares at least until they’re listed on a US exchange.


Opinions on Namaste Technologies?


i wouldnt touch them.

$700m+ market cap… no barrier to entry really. they’ll get bought at some point though i guess.


Looks like main stream news is starting to pickup on the gold rush, at least down here in the states. I’ve seen TV reports and major news articles mostly prompted by Tilray.


If you hold OTC shares of aurora do they change to other exchanges shares when they list??


ALEF now an 8-bagger for me. real close to my first 10-bagger given my $0.46 avg and it’s currently around $4.40. I started taking profits at $2.90 and then again at $3.75 and have taken back double my original investment.

over this past week i’ve been happy to hold so wide as some things have been edging up while most of the big guys have been sideways.


I’m still strong on Aurora!!! Playing the long game though.

I still have BLOZF, thinking of a good exit point, I’m hoping for the 2-2.50 mark.


The TV biz channels have been talking a good amount about Canopy & Aurora. They’re now main stream, not just pinks. We’ll see where it goes from here.


great day, 11 holdings up 9% or more…


Yeah. Canopy and cronos are still way up, even after hours


Going to dump my stocks either late tomorrow or early wednesday. You know everyone is gonna lol