Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


I usually rip down here on my jetski in the summer:



All for it. Can’t even think of a down side to adding something like that honestly.


Legalization in a 2 months though? :thinking:


I doubt it happens that fast but this is a single party state now. Expect changes (both good and bad) to happen a lot faster.

EDIT: Do actually go into the union ship canal with your ski? Aren’t there signs saying that’s a no entry area?


Nope. The fishermen get mad, but there isn’t anything saying you can’t do it. Nothing else can really get in there because the bridge is too low.


New business is good business!


Canopy Growth coming to NY:

The U.S. Farm Bill signed into law in December doesn’t change marijuana’s legal status in Washington, D.C., but it does change the laws for hemp. The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2018 that’s included in the Farm Bill legalizes hemp, defining it as an “agricultural commodity,” so that hemp and hemp products will no longer be scheduled, controlled substances in the United States. This move paves the way for companies to increase hemp farming and processing, and importantly, it lets them create hemp-derived products, such as beverages and edibles.

Now this doesn’t mention Buffalo, but it does sound a lot like what was announced with the cannabis campus:

Canopy Growth says it’s evaluating “a number of sites” in New York to build its first extraction and processing facility outside Canada and that it will update investors on its plans “within 100 days.” Canopy Growth will be an anchor business in the to-be-created industrial park, but it’s unlikely to be the only tenant. The intent is for the site to serve as a hub for hemp innovation that includes multiple players.

Can we thank Trump for this? :thinking:



That’s pretty exciting stuff! I was looking at careers out of curiosity of potential salaries, a lot of 6 figure jobs in growing weed on an industrial scale, though these jobs demand at bare minimum masters degrees and most “master growers” (I’m guessing the guy that runs the whole operation and reports to the Plant manager/CEO) have pHD’s in chemistry/organic chemistry.

That’s why weed is 1000% stronger now than in the 60s-70s, it’s all genetically modified for pain relief and to fuck your world the fuck up.


One of the local news channels posted some shit about how weed factories smell like skunk.



Cuomo is having a news conference right now about legal weed in the state… any of you dudes following that?


Barr confirmation Bro. We know what Cuomo is going to do already.





Maybe I missed it but what is his target date of legalization? April 1st when the budget is passed?



nice day. need 20 more of these in a row. back in the green on many names that were underperforming.

the chart on CRON is redic right now.


I saw Canopy go up 10% last week and thought for sure they’d tank today. But nope, lol.


I see things are making a comeback! BLOZF that I used to have a lot of released their detector!


@ubengineering do you have a link that explains how it works / how effective it is?


… And today was that day, lol.


Nothing on effect. I do not believe they have released testing results. I’m surprised their stock didn’t explode after this news though.