Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


Well, without actual results or a contact announcement to sell them the stock doesn’t have a reason to go up. We’ll see.


Canopy on its way to near all time highs again. Earnings report coming soon. What do you guys think? I haven’t been paying much attention.

Take gains before earnings or ride it out?


i realized 1000%+ gains on 1/4 of my CRON holdings.

in at $2.53, out at $28 :slight_smile:

proceeds were more than double my initial investment and put it in my RRSP so i’ll get another 25% of it back toward taxes.

I’m outperforming the market again but it took a big January. If February is as good as Jan i’ll look at taking serious profits again.

i think we are in a nice bull pattern though and i still have a ton of stuff under water or well off ATH’s


Good stuff!!!


Dumb question: I want to make weed money, how do I do this? Zero experience with stocks.


buy the right stock when the price is lower than the price is at when you sell it. :slight_smile:

i don’t know how you do this in the US.

with that being said, CRON jumped again today. I set another sell order at $33 for a block of shares but it never filled. it came within a dime of hitting it though.

I will try again tomorrow. The chart on some of these guys is crazy. i have a few holdings up 50-100% in a month.


What brokerage do you guys use?


My recommendation to you would be to get a brokerage account set up ( i cant help you in the US) and load up whatever cash you want to invest but wait to buy.

Weedstocks are crazy cyclical. Right now we’re in a decent up trend. Wait for a solid month of red and pick up some better entry points.

I fully expect to be buying CRON again later on down the road in the low 20’s or high teens even.


I use ETrade but if you’re looking to dabble, all the n00bs use Robinhood because trades are free.


Fidelity too! 4.95 a trade. It’s not hard at all @Motocrossx23, it takes minutes to set up an account and link it to your checking. To buy and sell it’s a cake walk. Picking the right time to buy and company takes some effort. Honestly I’ve made good money just looking @bing’s posts here. I just bought what he bought and eventually sold.


This is how so many people make money on any market. Find someone who’s putting in the time and do what they’re doing.


I’m honestly just riding the wave and making many mistakes along the way but the experience is invaluable. I think it is as good as an MBA program; following this market this closely.

The reddit group: https://www.reddit.com/r/weedstocks/ is the best resource on the internet but there is also a lot of fanboy-ism, FUD and trolling in there too.

https://www.reddit.com/r/TheCannalysts/ is the more mature group but there is far less content in there.

More eyes on things the better.

Some stocks are lagging and will certainly see a huge boost with US legalization. Some are over-bought and due for a bit of a correction.


man, shame my CRON $33 sell order didnt fill the other day. down under $27 now. I missed filling that order by about $0.25.


I bought a CRON today! $19.98


USD so thats about $26 or so cdn. I would have waited to buy. I think you’ll be able to avg down in the coming weeks after earnings come out and disappoint.


lol @bing way to shit all over him!!!

But even if @Motocrossx23 did buy a little high, marijuana is for the LONG game. Only 10 states have recreational approval. As soon as weed is legalized on a federal level, that stock will explode.

@Motocrossx23 just buy it, and forget about it.

EDIT: I’ll eventually get back in myself.


Yeah I figured next paycheck I’ll throw $100 at CRON and then just forget about it for a while.


CRON was up almost 10% today. I hope tomorrow is good too.

I still want to trim at these levels. Next week is earnings for a number of the biggies, CRON included i think.

I am sure the numbers are going to underwhelm but there is also likely to be big news that goes with the various earnings releases.


The chart on VFF / Village Farms over the last 6 weeks has been bananas. more than doubled.

I was deep red on them and now am in green. they are going on the NASDAQ, just certified today. Might be tough to get in right now but if it corrects a bit this is a good one.


I’m gonna keep my eye on it!