Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


do your own DD but VFF is a 25+ year grower of veggies with distribution and production in canada, Texas and Mexico.

low share count, no funny business anywhere and HUGE production capacity with low operational risk compared to most new companies given that they already have all the logistics, staffing and production sorted out. they have just been converting their tomatoe grows to cannabis and doing spot pricing.

their last couple financials have been muted but the share price is supported by $200m+ of non-cannabis revenues. 1 or two big Q reports could set these guys off hard. they were a steal below $5.

the NASDAQ uplist and a big revenue number at the top of the next report means this could double even from here i guess… i wont be buying more. I already have low 5 figures in them.


texas hemp bill appears to be another short term cataylst for these guys. they already have their US footprint built out with a massive operation in TX and affiliated grow partners elsewhere in the US.


Are they traded through Robinhood at all?


wouldnt know, i dont use robinhood.

another thought i’ve been having of late is to really watch for a pullback in the US MSO’s and then to buy it up. There is a strong consensus that as the US regulatory landscape eases with regard to hemp and cannabis that the US companies will start to see valuations in line with the multples of the Canadian ones. that is a huge opportunity.

something from the weedstocks daily thread today with reference to when the lock-ups expire from the big MSOs

TRUL: 98MM - 1/25 - Most of TRUL - approx 75 mil was delayed until July 25

CWBHF: 77.361M - 2/26

MMEN: 385MM - 3/4 - Hearing multiple dates Feb to Nov - trying to get confirmation

CURA: 387MM - 4/27

HARV: 227MM 5/14

ACRG: 96MM - 5/14

I definitely want to cycle some of my underperforming CDN holdings into these US ones in 2019. right now though my underperformers are still weak and the US ones have recovered. Looking to buy if and when that changes for each.


How about that Canopy report with ~50% market share? Loving it :+1:

Some of these are Canadian stocks which you may not be able to buy using Robinhood because the platform is limited. But when VFF is listed on the NASDAQ you should be able to jump on it because then it’s in the US.


VFF continues to crush it.

hard to say if it’s reasonable to buy right now given it is up 300% in 8 weeks. however, they were just given a price target that is almost 3x where it is now. It just listed on the NASDAQ yesterday and is showing clear decoupling from the rest of the market.


Gents, this could be terrible advice but you may want to look at getting on the VFF train.

The whole sector sold off a bit on friday but VFF, now listed on the nasdaq and with a market cap less than 1/2 of any other similar company on a US exchange, keeps running every day.

Beacon came out with a price target at $36 the other day. Its at $14 now.


LHS, Liberty Health Sciences, is another one likely about to go off. They appear to be getting ready to get taken out. only questions are by whom and at what premium.

I was hoping they would drop below $1 cdn (around $1.20 now) but that may not happen. If they dont open up significantly tomorrow morning i’ll throw a couple grand at them.


VFF just made a huge announcement:

It’s still just big farming but stock is up 9% pre-market already.


God damn I was late to the party.


yeah the chart is crazy… just straight up for weeks and weeks.

hard to say if it will slow, correct or just keep going into the $20’s before correcting.

They’re in the very definition of blue sky territory.


I started buying medmen warrants the other day.

These guys are a great way to play the US right now. They’re trading 50% down from their peak in Q4 2018 and will need to raise lots of cash but they are a clear future leader in the space.

I entered LHS the other day and have started edging in to MMEN with their warrants.




Any type of smoking increases stroke risk I believe. Even smoking weed raises blood pressure and heart rate. oh well just show me the money!!!


VFF continuing to smash it.

full year earnings releasing on wednesday… i have no idea what they will look like.

up almost 100% since i first posted about them 24 days ago.


On Dec 23 VFF closed at $4.31… it’s currently at $21.20 for March 18.

friiiiiiggg… i dread the correction but not sure that this is even going to see a serious correction.


All of the US MSO’s ran extremely hard today.

Curaleaf, Ianthus, Harvest, Green Thumb etc.

big $ to be made in these guys over the next couple years


I’m keeping my eye open, even back on BLOZF. I’m waiting for the right time to jump back in, I need a bear run to put me in good position.

Also had the joy of paying the IRS last night from my gainZ last year. God damn that was hard handing over that money.


i’ve been averaging down on BE, GENE and HVT for the past couple months.

HVT just doubled and went green for me finally.

GENE just had some news and ran 15% and is almost back to green.

BE hasnt moved.

Logic here is that each of these names were heavily lagging the sector and had not bounced at all from their lows from December despite an outlook that is/was comparable to others.

BE used to we a small-cap ($100m - $200m valuation) and is now a micro-cap (>$50m market cap) despite having provincial supply deals and all of the licenses, production capacity and financing options of much higher valued companies. I’m going to keep trying to average down if i can get some in the $0.075 - $0.08 range. These guys just did a 7 for 1 stock split (for no apparent reason) which is why it is now also a penny stock in addition to a micro-cap.


dilution from VFF but very small and at ‘at the market’ terms… quite bullish.

took a couple grand in profit off them yesterday but holding long with the rest.