Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)

I would have been much more against legalization had I realized how shitty everywhere was going to smell.


Once it started to be considered ‘legal’ I realized I would be one of those old guys that hated hippies. At least back then is was diluted with the also awful smell of cigarette smoke. Yet somehow, I don’t mind cigars. I’ll war my hypocrite badge for that.

I really don’t care at all about it other than the smell. Oh, and If I get caught using it, I’ll lose my job, but as long as it’s legal…

Is it just me or does the smell carry much farther than cigarettes or cigars? If there’s a group of people smoking cigarettes I just need to give them about 10-15’ buffer and I don’t smell it at all as long as I’m not directly downwind. I swear there can be one dude smoking a joint and you smell it from WAY farther away and the smell just hangs in the air.

In any event, science may solve it soon enough.

The smell carries much further.

You can smell it driving down the Thruway now when behind someone smoking. Insane.