Weed Stocks & Investing Thread (And Cannabis Campus Buffalo)


WTF Trudeau! I lost $100 in gainz today! lol


Uh I lost about 9 grand LOL


only 9 grand?

i lost more than that today and yesterday too…

i’ve fallen out of Ferrari 360 gains and into CPO M3 gains :frowning:


Pontiac Aztek here I come!!


@Onyx Z32 I could understand waiting to be banned from the Trump thread as that was my objective, but the Financial market thread? I’m one the few people on here that has more than 7$ to their name. BOOOOO


No one has been banned from anywhere, the forum is fucking up!


an interesting note off reddit the other day

Cannabis, and by association Hemp, have been out of economic play, on the entire planet and in every society, for the better part of a century. This was during the biggest global economic growth in human history. There is no clear facts as to why this happened – some say the powers that be in the 1930s wanted to eliminate the negative ‘lazy’ effects of marijuana as they rebuilt after WW1, some even go so far to say it was racist policy in that marijuana was associated with blacks and latinos. Other conspiracy theories say DuPont petrochemical company conspired with Anslinger and Hearst to levy a tax on cannabis/hemp that put the industry out over night, providing a monopoly on oil-derived products in favor of petroleum companies instead of hemp oil. Regardless of why it happened, it did happen.

Around the turn of the 20th century, both Rudolf Diesel and Henry Ford designed their engines to run on on oils, Henry Ford in particular used Hemp derived plastic as the entire shell of his first Model-T car, and ran the engine on hemp oil.

There are videos of the government promoting hemp, such as the short film “Hemp For Victory”, as it was critical for wartime manufacturing. Hemp was a major useful crop dating as far back as 6,000 BC. The Elloris Caves are some of the best preserved ancient architecture in the world, and this is because the plaster used to line the caves was made from cannabis – it was insect repellant, and is to this day, it preserved paintings on the walls better than any other material, and it was soundproof and insulative. These superior qualities are not lost on modern industrial giants.

Car manufactures impregnate plastics used in cars with hemp. Concrete is impregnated with hemp to make it more durable and lightweight.

Now that is just all hemp. Make no mistake that it will either disrupt or ntirely replace the paper industry, clothing industry, and building material products. It won’t be long until homes are made with mostly hemp derived products, we are all wearing hemp clothing, and writing/printing with hemp paper… and the majority of our foods will be made with or contain hemp oils or other isolates - even baby foods and cereals will have CBDs in them.

With modern technology and medical advancements, we have only very recently discovered that there are over 95+ cannabinoids in cannabis – ranging in effects from anti-depressants to aiding in bone growth. There are still yet many medical discoveries to be made.

In the 1970s, Phillip Morris executives sent out multiple memos advising research on cannabis, even going so far to say it is a superior product and the only real threat to tobacco companies.

Beverage companies are the first to be making big moves, with the Constellation Brands injection of cash into Canopy, and Cotts Beverages advising Tinley. We have seen no moves by big consumer companies like Nestle, or other big alcohol companies, and certainly no moves have been made by tobacco. These kinds of companies have their hands tied by bureaucracy and must abide by strict federal laws - the midnight masquerade party hasn’t started until they show up, and we are here drinking margaritas by the pool at 11am waiting for them with still a majority of the day left to go before they roll up.

Health advocates have successfully campaigned against the use of tobacco and alcohol, and people are aware of the damage both of those products cause not only to ones health, but to family, psychology, personal finance, etc. Yet, the more research going into cannabis, the more beneficial it proves to be, while providing a superior feeling……not only that, but the feeling can be tailored by the strain! There are over 500 strains of cannabis, and many are so different that you can use them to relax, you can use them to get energy, creative, horny, improve appetite, beat depression and anxiety, etc etc etc. I know people who smoke certain sativas before they go do a 10k marathon, and many others who have defeated their health problems with certain strains.

None of these tailor-made effects can be said for alcohol or tobacco….and as far as medications/pharmaceuticals targeting these health/psychological issues, they come with a range of side effects that are absent in cannabis.

Yes, it is unfortunate for us investors that people are able to grow at home, but they won’t be able to extract and refine products to make something like a Coca Cola (which, by the way, originally used cocaine in the recipe)…we have yet to see a Canna-Cola be marketed to a mass audience as Coca-Cola has been. Never mind the plethora of innovative new consumer products yet to be even dreamed up by inventors and entrepreneurs.

People are choosing cannabis over mainstream products every day, and in terms of a historical long-term context: it hasn’t even begun yet.

When you add up the industries of textiles, edibles (ambiguous), soft drinks, energy drinks, industrial materials, clothing, paper, alcohol, tobacco, pain/anxiety/insomnia medications, other pharmaceuticals, petroleum derived products…then realize that there are still uses for cannabis/hemp that haven’t even been invented yet…as well as the black market of other narcotics… When you take market share away from ALL of those = This is well over a few trillion dollar industry over the next 20 years as more nations legalize, and will eclipse every other industry on earth, including oil.

And Canada has a head start on it all.


“Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?” – Henry Ford


I like hemp protein, particularly Hemp Pro 70 :smiley:


LOL I’m like “FUCKKKK!!!”

Well crypto has totally lost my balls this week, lets hope weed does better.


Weed is doing quite well today :tup:


Alrite up 9 cents! Take it to them BLOZF!


twas a siq day in the markets today gents.

I had a couple core holdings hit all time highs today with some catalysts expected in the near future.


Update on BLOZF causing a 20% Spike - Apparently their shit is ready.



nice, i saw the run today on it.been a big week thus far. expecting a minor pull back but there are too many catalysts coming to prevent the lid from coming off.

There are 2 new ETF’s coming out in the next 30 days. one of them is a juniors ETF with all of the mid caps. I expect my holdings will overlap it well.

Then there is another one similar to HMMJ coming out from another company. These are going to create a nice surge in volume.


Looks like we all took a hit today. I’m considering aurora as it’s cheaper than canopy to buy. Maybe take half my BLOZF.


Damn this week has sucked balls

EDIT: Anyways, locked in profits. Cost basis .37 sold for a cool 10 G’s at 1.72

Now I’m investment free in both weed and crypto.


yeah im down $60k in about a week…lol.

still up stong overall so i’ll just wait it out.


Ah you have a lot more in weed than I do. I have about 30K worth of shares chillin now.



nice bounce today… this is a part of my watch list.

still well off the top from a couple weeks back and this could prove to just be a bull trap but there are a lot of catalysts coming up.


Definitely a nice bounce. I was happy to see most canadian weed stocks weren’t effected by the massive US selloff.