{Weed} Stocks & Investing thread


anyone else lose a ton of money the last two weeks LOL



yeah i’ve lost all the gains from january. bye bye MP4-12c :frowning:

HODLING though. same thing happened last year around this time and in the same fashion.

some of these guys are really showing good progress on their Q reports too. Some not so much.

Organigram had a good report the other day, whereas the guys i am large on… EMH, MARI, EMC etc. just keep losing their ass over and over.

if any lesson has been learned though is that i will be taking some $ off the table if we see another run up like what we have seen 2-3 times in the last 18 months.

it’ll be much easier to handle a pull-back after having taken $40k off the table and put it on a car or a vacation or something.


My Canopy is taking off again :+1:



I would like to see 45-50 before I sell.


I’m not mad after this week :+1: