{Weed} Stocks & Investing thread


Well I missed the 52 week high, fml, dropped 2$ after, fuck everything basically, assholes lol


Gotta be quicker to the draw!


I’m going to stick it out for a while. Maybe do a stock by stock trimming.

I was trimming my ALEF at 800% gains but still kept 3200 shares.


I took a MASSIVE beating at the start of the day, but by close I recovered, jesus.




fucked by the long dick of the law


anyone else getting bent the fuck over? I’m long on aurora - like 2020 long, but man this is painful


yeah, down about $30k since friday :frowning:




triggered my stop loss right at the bell, ten seconds later would have been down 20%, jesus christ


@bing you must be down like 75 by now


So what’s causing the drop? I would have expected after legalization day the stocks would be posting steady gains not crashing.


im down about $65k in less than a week.


You guys gotta take those gains.

I was driving with @bing yesterday though Hamilton and there are dispensaries on nearly every corner. Seeing this, plus the crazy run-ups I’m sure the fast money is basically saying,


I pulled out 50K about 3 weeks ago and smashed my mortgage, house is almost paid off.
I had 20K in Friday, it was 14 yesterday, pulled it out. Would have been 9.

I’m on the side lines for now, may not even get back in now that I won’t have a mortgage any longer.

Still have pogs though, still in the green on that. I truly believe Ripple will take off.

And my gf and I have decided we do not want kids. I’m getting my fucking Ford GT

Then I will leave it to someone who deserves it and I will die a happy fulfilled man



I also have the domain name www.budisus.com for sale if anyone is interested


A few states went legal yesterday, can we say green wave?


last few days have been good for me but still a long way to go.

i have limited US exposure