what the hell happened to this place? (Update Post #111)


Bing was wrong actually. Shift doesn’t have 1,000+ banned users, the ENTIRE NETWORK does. Those banned users are from all of the forums here.

The list I made above certainly has users from other forums who were banned, not just Shift. No idea exactly how many were from Shift alone.

So from the ones who are familiar to you guys, anyone worth bringing back?




I can pull a list of shift banned users.


just mk30r but he wont post here anyway


havent been on here much because of the new job but damn this place is dead


I haven’t been online in 3 days because it’s been too nice out, lol.


I have barely been home all week.

Work/nice out indeed


Ive been working a side job after work and was busy all weekend. Not like I missed much here anyway


Were all growing up and dont care about forums anymore is all-


justin case was the kid who went to jail for throwing pumpkins, got out of jail, said he fucked a hot chick who we found out the picture was his sister, and then went back to jail for stealing a car… right?


I think it was Josh Ogden. Possibly Travis Koch.


Just had a read through most of this thread…man how times have changed. I remember Travis and Pumpkin Tosser. Good times.

As for the new forum…I don’t mind. I never hung out or met with anyone from Shift to begin with, so to me this is just another forum full of people I’ll never truly ‘know’ (like the Ninja forum I am on or the NICO forum I am on). If I can learn something from the threads here, cool. If not, that’s fine too…

And regarding my suspension noise thread…they moved it AFTER it didn’t get many views. I’m fine with it being net-wide…I’m sure there are many people who know Nissan’s/Infiniti’s on the net-wide part of the site.


Pumpkin tosser was josh ogden
I think he has reproduced since that time which is a shame because hes a fuckinv loser


is this place still a thing? lol


Shh @Jenzpwny


It is. I’m at Biergarten with the guy you’re quoting in your sig!


What no way! I just met him with a bunch of other people at Dave and Busters :slight_smile:


Thoughts and prayers that his hand heals well.