Where are all the hardcore build threads?

I’m browsing some forums, looking at random threads & shit while I’m at work.
What forums are all the hardcore build threads on?

Post up some of your favorite full builds, engine builds, fabrication builds, swaps, suspension tuning threads, etc.
Just want to see GOOD threads instead of skimming through thousands of “my car is sputtering” threads…lol

none on zilvia.net?


not on SON lol. Zilvia has some good ones though

I’ve never been on ziptied.
Is it private? I saw something about an invite.

I’ll check out Zilvia this afternoon, how is Nico and 240sxforum ?

Any fave links?

Nico’s my favorite for build threads.

That m4Trench guy or w/e his name his, complete OEM restoration, with serious rust removal. That’s one of my favorite build threads, I think it’s on NICO.


link for oem restoration build ^^^

nico is good…

…if you want a build thread about neon underglow and body kits.

nico is basically a shitty, loser forum where all the people that couldnt stomach the trolling on zilvia go. build threads consist of some guy putting a bucket seat in his pile and all the posters jerk him off about how great it is.

thats is one crazy build…



I occasionally enjoy these

I’ve seen parts of this build linked to other forums before, but I think he’s turned it all into a blog now.

I like the wiring in the build, I’ll be digging into my wiring this winter as well.
Big things for me now are wiring and the condition of the engine bay.

Thanks, these will keep me busy.

There’s a few good ones on FA too.

Realhomemadeturbo has some sweet ones

The tech stuff is public, the rest is private. ZT has been the best forum for easily 5 years, and most likely due in part to the invite only system/ application. Remember Zilvia has always been considered an auto fail on an app, just in case you ever apply.

i used to go on 240sx forums alot before i even new about son. they have a section full of build threads.

There is a webpage called Build Threads all about… Build threads.

i’m building a car now and wow some of them are hard core.

wait till spring i make you come