Z32 Brake conversion (s13)

i tried searching for information on the brake swap. did not find anything useful.

what year? model etc? what’s needed? i’m curious. because i’m thinking if all i need is calipers with brackets, rotors and pads. i can order that from my parts guys.

sorry if this has been posted before (i’m assuming it has) but i couldn’t find anything.

This has definitely been covered before :stuck_out_tongue:
For the fronts, it’s really easy. Get calipers, rotors, pads, brake lines, and have your rotor re-drilled for 4 lug.
If you want to do Z brakes all around, you’ll need to switch to 5 lug, and there’s a bit more work involved.

alright. gotcha. whats so different about the lines?

You don’t have to switch to 5 bolt to do z brakes all around, I have it on my s13 and I’m still 4 bolt. You have to change the lines because stock calipers use an banjo fitting and z32 is just strait female/male style

do you have a working ebrake

the one and only link youll need for the swap!!!

i swapped to 5 lug when i did mine, but i believe it should all bolt on and have a working e-brake even if you’re staying 4 lug.

if you are looking for some rear calipers, i got some for sale.

and you don’t have to go 5-lug for the brake swap as the others have said.

Yes I have a working e brake and for the records I used z32 2+2 e brake cables.

These cables comes with a grommet on them that fits into a corresponding hole on the s13 sub frame. Then I just route the cable to meet the e brake a small bracket was needed about 2-3 inch piece, of steel not because the cable is short but the mount on the car and the mount on the cable are just that far apert. Cable length is fine.

Parts you will need are"

-z32 brake master cylinder comes in sizes 15/16, 16/16 (or 1 inch), 17/16 (the size I used)
-s13 to z23 conversion brake hoses
-calipers front and rear do research to find what years are iron/alum, 26/30mm
-pads the same regardless of caliper size or material
-Rotors 26mm for 26mm calipers/ 30mm for 30mm calipers
-drill to 4bolt
-z32 2+2 e brake cables left and right
-z32 backing shield plate and e brake assembly (shoes, springs ect)
-if you are staying 4 bolt you need to get the proper anchor bolt for a 4bolt hub. the z32 came with 2 different anchor bolts this is the bolt at the top of the e brake assembly the proper one is thicker and has a more uniform shape.

things to look out for make sure boots on calipers are not ripped and look for signs of a leaking caliper, cheak hose threads and make sure they are not stripped. make sure caliper comes with all pins and clips. If your car is not abs more work is needed. be very careful buying the ebrake assembly its hard to fine the right one, tho the wrong type can be made to fit. make sure your wheels with clear the calipers wheel offset doesn’t matter, spoke design does.
Do not buy drilled rotors because they crack. Make sure you bleed things properly in the right order. Drivers side rear, pass rear, drivers front, pass front then abs rear, abs front. Thats all I can think of right now.

FYI, you can use the stock brake lines from the 300zx, you don’t actually need the conversion lines.

this is where i get to many idea’s from too many people. not that i’m scared of doing the swap…cause i’m not. i’ve done them on a lot of s-10’s. just the fact that everyone is saying something different.

nice don’t have to start a new theard. eh i about to the the z32 conversion plan on sticking with my 7 spokes which has from a 93 hatch just wondering what size spacers do i need a reliably source told me 8mm would be fine but just wanna doublecheck someone else was saying 15mm which confused me thanks

you need spacers for the wheels? for caliper clearance? guess it depends on your rims style?

does anyone know if the z32 calipers are still avail new from nissan??

there 350 from nissan just caliper

there were different versions of the 7 spokes, some clear z brakes (barely) some don’t. so just have a spacer handy for when you do the swap, you might need it you might not.

the z32 calipers are available new, but they’re ridiculous like he said.

if you know some one working in any parts store you can get them for 100 each i got my from canadian tire for 90 each…

100 for z32 nooo way are they made buy nissan

i have 93le hatch with 7 spokes