Zappy collar

one of my dogs always gets loose. Its my sister’s dog and she was never really trained to stay or any of that shit. Do those collars that zap the dog work well for training? I just want to train her to stay away from the road. I want the collar because she is VERY fast and I want to be able to stop her dead in her tracks when she gets loose.

i want one for my cat

yeah I remember that damn thing lol. I got the same problem. As soon as you get near her enough to grab her…biggity bam shes gone.

i’m gonna get them for you and nitroinsane and hook it up to a spell checker. <3 :stuck_out_tongue:

lol good plan.

I just don’t want to lose another beloved doggy friend :(. I dont know if anyone here has lost a dog via being hit by a car…but its heartbreaking.

i have one on my dogs, the batts have been dead for a while and they never get near where they are gonna get shocked

although the one dog is mental… he’ll sit in the feild in get shocked i think he likes it or something

Ahhh god damnit!!! ok we got her back and she got skunked!!! FUCK! the whole house reaks now.

they put up flags along the boundaries for the shock collar when you first get them so hte dog learns how far he can go. after a bit they get used to it

oh, I dont mean those collars, Imean the ones with a remote that you hock them with. A training collar.

I trained my CRAZY dane puppy with a leash and a prong collar. she was like a whole new dog with it on… you may consider doing it the old fashioned way, rather than confusing the dog with a zap when he’s already used to chillin in the road… he’s not going to realize that he’s doing something wrong…he’ll just be like wtf is going on… (I went to doggie school for 3 dogs so i know all about it if you need help)

just train ur dog u lazy piece.

lets go see jackass too

Wash the dog with tomato sauce. As strange as it sounds, it will get the skunk smell out.

zap collars work very very well…my friend has them all over her house. the dog knows where it can and cannot go.

get one.

I be hella broke. If u wanna pick me up and pay I’ll hook u up with one of the twins when they come home next lmfao.

not to go off topic, but where did they go to school?

They went to Akron, graduated this past june and now both go to Houton.

didnt they do something with skunk odor on mythbusters?? was it one of those vodka ones?

Sounds familiar but I dunno if she was skunked now…I think maby she was just rolling in some dead carcass or something.

enn just take her out back soap her up an hoser down

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks… Not sure if that really applies here… But anyways, have you ever been zapped with one of those on full force? It hurts like a mother fucker, I almost feel sorry for any dog that has to wear one. I prefer to beat the shit out of dogs when they are being bad