being watched by the police.

well last night on my way home from work i pull up beside this car with 2 young men in it (id say around the same age as me, 22) were at a red light and then it went green, so i accelerate how i normally do maybe a bit more than normal then usual in second gear and well they heard my exhaust (which isnt anything special at all?!) and so next thing i know is this guy just zooms right pass me, and while this all happens a cop is driving the other direction, we both noticed the cop so he slows down, i didnt have to slow down as i was driving the speed limit (60km zone) so i continue to cruise down the street at 60 and i noticed the car has slowed down quite abit to let me get beside him again (dont know why, as we both knew his car was alot faster than mine) so i drive up beside him still doing the speed limit as i had my cruise control on set at 63ish km/h and next thing i see cherry’s flashing behind/beside me and pulls over the car that was beside me and the officer points at me to pull over too, so at this point im just thinking WTF!! this azzhole that wanted to race me better not get me a ticket just for him driving fast beside me (i was thinking street race in my mind) so i am all pissed off but stayed calm about it.
cop gets out and goes to the other car first talked to him for abit then the officer walks up to my car and i notice the driver and passenger were getting out of there veichle, cop comes up to me and asked what was going on back there, i told him i was accelerating at the light and this guy pulls besides me and just takes off zooming infront of me. then he asked why we were driving side by side (when he turned his lights on) and i said i dont know, i was just cruising at 60, because that is the speed limit and this guy slows down for me to get beside him. then the cop said “well i got your plate number and i’ll be watching for you so no f**king around all year” … can the cops swear at you like that? not that im going do anything about it as i dont know his name nor his car/badge number. but anyway the cop let me go and the other car i have no idea what happen to them, my guess would be reckless driving/speeding.

well at least i wasnt all nervous about it or the cop may think that i was actually “street racing” against him

just needed to get this out of me as it sucks, i hate getting pulled over.

just a question out of curiousity… do you have a loud exhaust? (aftermarket exhaust)… also what car is this?

that sucks. especially when it was casued by other people being douchebags

What colour was the other car? Flat black? There is a group called the HEAT squad… according to York Region records they are contractors on payroll; their job is to provoke you to street race; when you do; you get busted for street racing…

you shouldve gotten this asswhole’s badge number for swearing at you…


they deserve it!

I heard the same thing! In newmarket I know of a couple of dark colored Civic’s,a black mustang and a dark green VW GTi roaming around. Ive witnesses a local ricer being pulled over by a darker green Civic.

All cars have been lowered,tinted and kitted:S

is this based on facts or just something you heard from a friend (and they heard from another friend) etc.? because i would think there would be severe legal and public consequences if the police sanctioned a group to publicly street race to entice and catch street racers.

I would guess that that they’d be officers in confiscated vehicles?..

Best civilian tactic to avoid such an incident would be to drive a POS Honda… right Rich?..:A

im not sure but i do know they have done similar things like this in florida… they drive totaly moded cars and try and make you race, then you get pulled over. but they found out in court that it dident work. because being a police officer you cant and shouldent provoke street racing. alot of people claimed they were scared of them and took of because of the following felt threatened. by the officer and took off. and they caused them to race away.

Canadian law might be diff but if its so what a stupid and ignorant way to get people to stop racing…

And no they are not allowed to swear at you but most officers do. they think and know cause your young they can do anything they want. in most cases its your word against theirs. But thats what happens when you deal with older and most younger cops. Nothing you can really do… maybe make a complaint but nothing will happen…

thats ontario for you.

I personally know of someone who was baited by one… and some digging on google will call up a York Region Police budget… in one of the ledger items is HEAT…

kinda off topic…
a we allowed to record w/e the cop say to us if they pull us over???
will it work in court if we hava use it as our defence?

hey hey, i like my hunduh … it’s a nice, smooth, and quiet ride :slight_smile:

it is but you need to inform them right away that this is being recorded. i know of a few people that even have sticker on the side of their car stating that this car has been fitted with audio and video recording devices. as long as you tell them right away, it will hold up in court.

There’s something about how if you dont let them know you’re recording, you cant use it in court and you could get counter-sued. Its violation of a certain section of the charter.

its called entrapment if the person doesnt know and your trying to make them do or say something to get them in trouble.

we should all start putting recording devices in our cars that we can switch on any time we get pulled over. so that should start keeping cops in check. also helps when we go to court.

no my exhaust isnt really that loud at all, it has a small exhaust leak thats it, completly stock wtih an injen cold air intake that is all.
and its in my '93 240sx black/white


also this happen in kitchener, i dont see much flat black cars driving around to often, and the other car was just a dark brown/burgandy sorta colour, think it was an older buick/chevy couldnt tell tho what car it was.

and no im not going to complain about the cop swearing at me, but i think it was uncalled for as i was polite with the officer the whole time, but he left me off with a “warning” for driving the speed limit, that just pisses me off

would you mind sharing your plans with me and around how much its going to cost? i want to do that to mine too.

Ive heard about that and seen that aswell. When I was waiting behind a light there there was a jet black 98 STI and it pulled up along side a del sol with muffle and inticed to race and then the subby pulled out the flashers and pulled them over. I also saw people get pulled over in Un marked Jeep cherokee’s and EVEN DODGE CARAVANS!

dodge caravans are old news. cops have been using that for a while. but the STI is some ****ed up shit. which is why you should never race on the streets. :wink: