COVID-19/20/21/22 Discussion (NOW COVID-23?)

Their bus is in town, you can report any issues you had with vaccines, tell your story and hear from others.

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What are we looking at?

EDIT: missed your reply

It’s RFK’s organization, I think he’s still on the board or maybe he stepped down for the campaign.

Somewhat related… Apparently we were lied to about Phenylephrine. These cold medicines never really worked for me, so I always opted for Pseudoephedrine.

But an FDA panel said after a two-day review that the oral decongestant ‘is not effective’ at standard or even high doses compared to a placebo.

I’m not sure how they can say that, Ben absolutely works. I have a food allergy and I’ve drank a bottle in a pinch on a few occasions and it stops swelling / helps big time.

For decongestion though? And they’re only referring to this one ingredient on it’s own.

No idea but if they just ‘pull them off the shelf’ it’ll be an issue

Issue with Benadryl is the DPH inside it. It’s fine if used responsibly, but Kids who don’t have access to real drugs (not that they should) are abusing it because it makes you trip balls. However it’s a dysphoric trip, usually not pleasureable like most classic psychedelics, often a terrifying experience, and extremely neurotoxic causing permanent brain damage. I never fucked with it. I don’t think they should ban it, but keep it behind the counter.

Sudafed is fine, but doesn’t always decongest that well, however, it can make some people feel speedy.

If you need decongestant spray this is the stuff you need, but it can be habit forming. Extremely effective, 100% relief within minutes usually good for 6-12 hours. It is safe, but if you use it too much it has the opposite effect and will clog your nose completely shut.

I have bad allergies so I keep a bottle in my desk at work, one at home, and one in each of my cars.

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Those nose sprays work great, but super addictive. I also have allergies at times and I’ll go a month or so where I have to use it before bed.

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That’s enough talking about effective treatments in the thread you two.


the closing comments are interesting. he says that all US states will ban the vaccines eventually and that the process is already underway.

Chatted up Dr. Malone last night. Told him to tell Mr. Rogan and RFK Jr. that i said whats up…


It’s been over ten years since she’s been dumped, she’s due

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She must be bat shit crazy.

i’d treat her right.

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I can fix her

She’s hot and her net worth is like 750 million and will be over a billion by the time Eras wraps up. I don’t care how crazy I think any dude would take a shot.

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