damn potholes

so i was just driving on the highway
fuckin pot hole 401 west just before black creek and bam flat tire i get off and its poped.
from a fuckin pot hole.
08 a4 brand spakin new tire from the dealer.
what do i do?

get audi to warrenty the tire?
bitch a the city for a new tire?


My brother complained to the city about the 427, before all the construction, about rocks breaking 2 of his windshields. They paid for both of them, might be the same situation with the tires.

HAHAHAHAHHA MARTINA!!! I have created a legacy!!!

Yea, I’m going to kill you now.

Expect a bomb in the mail, 3-6 business days, COD.

Who do you complain to?

My moms car has 2 cracks in the winshield smashed fog lights and paint chips from hell!!

All from when the 401 west and east was torn up and hadn’t been paved for 6 months!!



That had to have been one of the funniest “OLD” posts I’ve seen from you Mark.


You complain to the City. Look it up from your City Hall, just start calling and you will get steered in the right direction.

drive up into city hall and shoot it up? idk. Im getting angry at the pot holes near square one. those piss me off.


my friend worked for caa he had a few people pop there tires because of pot holes city paid for it. steeles has alot of pot holes. 401 sucks too ive had a rock hit the side of my old car like a big 1 it just flew at the car. luckily it was just a mazda protege i didnt care.

as long as the city knows the pot hole was already there you will get your claim ive complaned here in peterborough about pot holes and when i hit one of them and broke my toe arm they had to replace it becuase i already complained about the hole so if no ones complained then your screwed becuase they had no time to fix it but…if some one has complained just goto city hall with a bill for a tire and tow or ask them where they would like you to take it to get fixed

Kollo is correct I believe. If there has been a complaint filed and not addressed than you should be reimbursed.

If the pothole was never reported than the city didn’t know it was there and had no time to fix it…good luck either way.

Any luck Sky? Im in the same situation, just blew the side wall out and bent the rim a hour ago. In my case it was a very poor construction job that they had done weeks prior and i didn’t see the 4-5" dip in the road because it was full of water. Not even exaggerating it was huge! There were no construction signs or work being done either. Had it been my 240…the whole front end would have been gone.

THe dealership won’t warrenty the tire unless it has road hazard warrenty and I doubt you have it. Theres a long process to get the city to pay for the tire.


You have an account on SON?

An 08 Audi MOST likely has warranty against these things.

You could put it against your own insurance, but it would go under collision coverage (yes, collision)

You could bitch at the City/Province, but it will take a long time to get your money.

As for the construction claim, you could subro against the company directly.

If the dealership likes you and they want as a repeat customer, they will warrant it for you and claim it some other way to make up their cost.
Talk to the service manager.

so if i complain to the city i need 8 sets of tires from potholes they give it? sickk drifting just got cheaper

Keele/Parkside from Lakeshore to Bloor and beyond is a fucking disaster! i have a brand new Pontiac G5 rental for the week while the Jetta is in the shop (laugh all you want…car is a piece of shit) and i seriously thought i was going to blow a tire out this morning driving down that stretch of road. dodging potholes like they were cones.

most of the gardiner is a piece of shit too, and the 427.

our roads are fucking falling apart.

yeah it was fuckeddd up
im currently talking ot the city as of now