Drama...need advice guys.

Ok so my so called friend Mat owes me some money for some metallica shirts i sold him, he didint have enough at the time so im like ok pay me later…no problem he sais. well i been after him for the $ for like 3 months now and tonight i asked when the hell hes gona pay me (its only $10 but im broke), and he sais “fuck you i dont owe you shit”. i was quite taken back by this and was like wtf, apparently hes not going to pay me, and starts talking shit outa the blue, runnin his mouth like it had the mighty shits. So i said well see about that, and i want my paintball shit back and my cds back. Again, “fuck you im not giving you shit”…long story short, he gets his gf bitchin me out, i call her a stupid whore a few times, he wants to fight me (hes 16, im twice his size so i duno why but ok his funeral). So then tonight i get a call from his gf’s older bro who is 20, ssaying hes going to “come to my house and break my fucking neck”. Anywho, i think im gona just take him to small claims, get my shit back, then deal with the brother the hick way…nock him out and throw him on the rez…let the skins have him. wht you guys think?

I thynk you are damned if you do and damned if you dont…I would let it go it is 10 cash, i would talk to the parents if he is 16 and go from there. Then i would only play self defence with the 20 yr old…and then lay him out.

what about all my paintball shit? i could care less about 10 bux, but hes got my gun, co2, mask, extra barrel, guppies…like all of it. at least like 180 worth if i baught it new. i talked to a friend of mine who is a cop in the town, he suggested small claims court.

tell them youll fit for the P-Ball stuff, the bring the stuff, the 10 and winner gets its all … then beat the fuck out of them

or: if their father is a reasonable man, go talk to him, explain the situation, ask him to grab your p-ball stuff from the asswipes room, and be on your merry way

lol you’re such a redneck. Goodluck though… and like Don said, talk to the parents.

the way my arm is i can get maby 3 or 4 good shots before its limp, or completely dislocated…i am however very quick on my feet and can kick like a horse (thank you Ishenru karate) lol. seriously though i just want my shit back…that ass clown can keep his whore and the shirts idc. me and Choda are suppose to play sometime comin up in ransomville.

Well if he’s 16 go to the parents… only way… NO fighting… unless you are under 18 you WILL get wrecked by assault on a minor charges.
If that wont work… time to get the police to escort you and get your shit back… the $10 isn’t worth it… but the item that are yours… are yours, he has stolen them.

get him on tape admitting that the shit is yours and that he simply DOESNT WANT to give it back … as opposed to it being his in some way shape or form

then call the parents … if that fails … call the cops

have the cops come when the son ISNT home, and stick it to the parents saying that they have stolen merchandise in their house and they… not their son … are responsible if you want to push for legal action

if they have any sense, they will cough that shit up before the cops have time to blink

if you give me the cd’s I will kick his ass for you. And then I will kick your ass for being an online sissy

/\ hahahaha/\


lol shut up. I got a phone call from his gf’s older brother, hes like " you better watch your back, i know where you live and ill come down and break your neck if you bother matt or my sister again" so i said " bring it, if you can leave my house withought getting shot then your pretty damn lucky, or fast enough to dodge bullets" and hung up. TOO MUCH FUCKING DRAMA!

call his parents first, then the cops. do all the stuff they ^^^ said. the day after you get your stuff back, shoot up their house with the paintball gun.

he doesnt have the paintball gun… thats the problem.

maybe you shouldn’t give gay people your stuff and this won’t be a problem

Post the older kids #…

100s of calls will get him steaming…

talking to my friend who knows him, before he knw what was going on between me and Matt.

JEG18403: hey, did matt say anything about having my paintball stuff?
JEG18403: i know he does, but i wannaknow if he said anything to you about it
akes1987: i know he has it ive seen it at his house

wow josh. That was a valuable post. Way to support your case.

ill paypal u the 10$ to end this sillyness


When he gets the 10 bux I will make sure it is gone.

Lets not have 12 pages of discussing this with you not doing anything…

-call the parents for your paintball gear
-call the police on the threats from the older brother