Obstruction of view ticket? Cmonnn

Got pulled over in rotterdam yesterday leaving work, he pulled me over because my gps holder was on my windshield, god damn what kind of reason is that. Didnt even know they could do that, i mean i can understand tons of shit hanging from your rear view but thats where most gps holders go. Anyone else have this problem? hahaha

wow def bs ticket. Cop probably just didn’t like you. lol I would plead not guilty show up to court with it removed and have it dismissed.

You should keep your shit (GPS, radar) low and out of the way.

and yet PR’s can hang ten cd’s and baby shoes off their rearview mirror and be fine.

Its almost the end of the month so the cop probably needs to meet his quota. And I dont want to hear any BS about there not being quotas because they exist.



Yeah normally i do keep my stuff off the windshield, i just used my gps the day before so i left it on. :banghead crazy

Should have said that the huge inspection and registration sticker you’re required to plaster on your windshield impedes your vision more than an empty mount. Shit should be on your license plate like every other state.

Ticket is horseshit. Fight it. And fuck NYS.

You’re not supposed to have anything hanging off your rear view, decals on the windshield, or anything other than the Rear view mirror and the reg/inspection stickers in the proper place

It’s a BS ticket no doubt, most cops really dont give a fuck but it is a valid ticket none the less. It’s one of those laws that needs to be revised IMO

radar goes high. always put it up high, thats how they work best.

completely agree, dude. NY is such a bullshit state with all that crap. theres several states that do JUUUUST fine without front plates, allow tinted windows(front and back) and have stickers on plates rather than in the windshield. its a completely bullshit ticket. it’s simply because now, pulling people over for whatever the fuck they want is an industry that generates revenue. its no longer a concern for our safety whatsoever. it’s all about profit right now. theyre now just looking for any reason to stop a car and write a ticket. it’s completely mind boggling to be.

Yeah mines always been low, and im not going to mount my gps holder high, im going to do it where i dont really have to move to see it, ive only had a few stops lately and ive never had a problem with any of that until now

yea, the gps needs to be out of view for sure. the radar detectors need to go as high as possible on the glass though. its just common sense.

ive always wanted to hardwire mine up higher, maybe nows the time to do it :thumbup

do it up. i need to get another hardwire kit for my v1 for the jetta at some point. ive never been hassled for it for obstruction of view, so its fine :slight_smile: i always see people with assloads of junk on the mirror too. how they dont get pulled over all day, i have no clue. must be a lot of stereotyping going on, younger guy driving = get on the shoulder son and get ur wallet out.

I hate that dangly BS all over the place. Women drivers.

95% of the time its a lesser charge ticket . what were ya doing to get pulled over to begin with lolol?

Who’s daughter did you bang? :lol

lolololol the albany cop that just got a d.w.i was banging senior officers wife lolol…its a pattern i see

Good thing you weren’t drunk in an unmarked squad car with your headlights off at night. Heard those guys are getting yanked hard.

It’s an excuse to pull you over basically. I was told it originated in the 1980’s when crack dealers would hang there corded phones over the rearview, they came up with the “obstruction of view” law to shake them down. It’s probably a much older law than that but yeah it’s bullshit.