Ontario Modified Vehicle Owners Council (OMVOC)

**** This is how it started ****

"Ontario Modified Vehicle Owners Council

June 23, 2006

Your vehicle is your pride and joy. You invest many hours and dollars in it and it shows. This is why OMVOC (Ontario Modified Vehicle Owners Council is here – to support you and your passion for your vehicle. OMVOC was created to effectively lobby governments and multiple jurisdictions about modified vehicle owner’s common interests for recreational purposes.

OMVOC is a non-profit, member supported organization that will educate and change the public’s view of modified vehicles and their respective owners, in addition to promoting safe usage of modified vehicles in the owner’s choice of recreation.

OMVOC will make recommendations to the government so that modified vehicles will be provided fair and reasonable insurance practices, free of skyrocketing premiums and discrimination towards modifications that are street legal. OMVOC will also use its resources to work with local Police forces and eliminate social profiling that modified vehicle owner’s encounter.

Promoting your passion with the rest of the community will provide our members with a much better approach to the issues that they face. Whether a timeless classic, highly advanced tuner or a lifted 4X4. OMVOC will keep the freedom to own a modified vehicle alive, but this can only come from a unified, supportive organization. Join now – your voice counts, BE HEARD!

Jeffery J. Corradetti – President
John W. Wolak – Vice President
Dennis J. Howard – Treasurer / Board member

So here it is folks. Our FIRST official release to the public! Bear in mind that OMVOC is a REGISTERD non-profit organization and the greater the numbers we have the louder our voice will be at Queens Park! The membership fee is $30 per year and this will put you in our database as well as give you the right to attend OMVOC council meetings.

We will be accepting cash, cheque, money order and PayPal for now. PM me if you are interested in joining. Remember, this is for the benifit of ALL of us! if things keep up the way they are going, you will not be alowed to drive ANYTHING but a bone stock Honda insight that is govened to 100KM/h!

Think about it like this… if you go to your MP and say “I am being harrassed by the police” they take your statement down as a constiuant’s complaint and file it away, never to be seen again… NOW on the other hand, Join OMVOC and when we go to the MPs… we say"we represen 50,000 people" they sit up and listen PERSONALLY to the complaints brought forth."

Since then there has been some other issues but here’s where things stand now!


**** UPDATE ****

I know there has’nt been much news on this at all but that was due some internal issues however, things have been sorted out and hopefully OMVOC will continue on as normal.

Now I have contacted by Jeff, President of OMVOC, about taking over in n interm basis as President. He has to relocate out of province and as such, can not continue on in this position. I have not said yes or no as yet however, most likely I will at least untill a new President and Board of Director’s are voted on.

There is a meeting on the 21st of November in which things like street racing and TARGETING MODIFIED VEHICLES, along with other issues will all be discussed and OMVOC has been invited to attend this. Basically we would be the only voice of oppisition to some of these proposed changes to the HTA and powers being granted to the Police. If these changes become law, which can happen right on the spot pretty much (trust me on this) then if you have so much as an aftermarket muffler on your car, you will be deemed a street racer, issued fines or possibley have your car impounded. Going back to the term I use, this is just another example of “SOCIAL PROFILING” in which any and all car tuner is going to guilty without any trial or the persumtion of innocence!

Thanks to kyls of GTRC, I am providing 3 downloadable links to copies of the actual goverment documents that were provided to OMVOC. They are in PDF format so you’ll need Adobe to read them. I will be meeting up with Jeff next week and will have all of the papers. For those who don’t have Adobe, don’t worry as I will scan/host/post up the documents for EVERYONE to view.

Here are the links and PLEASE READ CAREFULLY,




Now part of my goal that I’ve set for myself is to have hopefully 100 paid members signed up with OMVOC and also have those names on a patition that states just opposed we all are to these proposed law changes. Going there with at least that many signatures, gathered in such a short time, will hopefully go a long way to showing how unfair some of these issues. Money paid to OMVOC will go towards things like, laywer fees for drafting papers and documents needed to present the Ontario Government with, advertising and so on. I’ll have more information on this too next week.

This is some serious sh_t guys and will effect all who live in Ontario, Manitoba and BC but we need ALL THE HELP we can from all over Canada. There is strength in numbers and from the regular car tuner, performance shop to car importers need to be apart of this. If in fact the Modified Vehicle idea becomes law, no one will buy any performance parts anymore as it’ll be illegal and thus, result in a ticket. So as such businesses will be out of bussiness as being only able to sell for OFF ROAD USE ONLY is only maybe, 10%-20% of actual sales. There’s not to many of us who can afford to have “track cars” and honestly, I did’nt buy a Skyline to work on only to be able to track it!

Please keep checking this thread, voice your thoughts, oppinions and hopefully your support :smiley: . This is a huge undertaking for me and it’s something I for sure can’t do alone.

Wow Great stuff… Im in. Bruce send me a pm :slight_smile:

those laws will never happen, the government is blind if they think destroying the revenue we generate.

Last year alone in the USA 3BILLION$ in revenue was generated to the us economy from people like us.

That is why this will never happen.

Every generation deals with this, talk to you parents, it was the same for them. Once upon a time, you’d get harassed with a dirty license plate.

Whats the big deal with the proposed changes? you shouldnt be driving with nitrus in the car on the street anyways. You think anybody can throw welding gas and propane into a truck and deliver it? You need a special license to do it.
I think the fines should go up on street racing, the 2 year license ban is a good thing too. After reading all the pdf’s these are GOOD things.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Don’t be stupid, stay under the radar by driving like a grown-up and you’ll be fine.

If you get fined and your car gets impounded, 90% of the time you DESERVE it.

Its hard to say what they would really do.The government in canada , Ontario is pretty iffy. They blame everything on people like us, We are a target no matter how you want to see it. The police say its us who cause all the accidents etc, yet they dont count the people in stock car crashes. % wise. we are a small amount compared to them. We Never know what might go on but to be safe i think this is a good plan at least this will show them we wont let them just tell us what to do without us voicing our opinions. Not alot of people speak up for us and this is a good way to let the government know. Inssurance rates are sky high for most people because of simple mods etc, Its not right nor fair. I lived in the Us along time and thats true. But Canada its different with people and how they run things. for say a normal person pays what 300 min a month for insurance i pay 51 dls a month for my moded car full coverage. Its insane. cops stop me sometimes and give you the hastle oh your cars modded… no dident notice that officer. Its jsut the hastle of it and its not fair that we are targeted because of a hobby we enjoy, Cause little kids cant drive and cant grow up. Police know they have the support of everyone to give us a lame ticket and we cant win it in court. so they stock and prey on us… hope i made some sence in this lol.

pick on you? not really, ok sure they sometimes do, but they do that to rust buckets on the 400 every weekend as well.

i cant count how many times i’ve been on cruises with certain car clubs where people run red lights, weave in and out of traffic, slow down just to rip ahead.

These are all things that bring attention to you.

and as for a normal person, i know QUITE a few people in ontario driving modified s14’s and s13’s paying 70-80$/month.

If i was to drive my 95 saturn insurance is only 98/month. Insurance company’s are not dumb. They know the type of kid who drives these cars, they know that the majority of them will do stupid things, thus you pay more.

yes insurance is high in Ontario, no it shouldn’t be this high, but only a public outcry will do anything about it and we all know that won’t happen. Gas reached 1.25/L this year, did the public do anything about it? No they whined and bitched like always.

Yah for sure. i agree with you. but not all of us drive like nuts. me for example i have on video… i was pulled over every day pretty much for a month by police in toronto. and i won the court fight for my tickets over 3400 dls… ive never not once had a speeding ticket nor DUI nothing yet they seemed to stop me. hastle me and threaten me (one cop came up to my window with a smirk on his face and said im going to slap you with every ticket i can) ??? i was stoped at a red light!! what could i have done nothing… he only saw me because he made a left hand turn and did a U turn and boom lights… my car was low my muffler to loud etc. wich it wasent. just the look of the car. thats abit unfair… now if you re doing stupid things and being a unsafe drive fine take his car away do what you want. i dont mind that. but ive seen alot of people for getting pulled over for nothing… i was on larkeshore last year a cop was infront of me and a civic behind me bone stock… cop started to go real slow jerked to the side like i did somthing wrong and turned on his lights goes behind my car on the other lane think he saw my out of state plates and pulled over the civic behind me … what was that? how could that guy possible do somthing wrong without seing him lol… but back to topic.

the idea of what bruce is planning to do is great. people who can have a positive voice for us. its needed, even if it dosent change anything at least they know we are going to speak out. and makes it harder for them…

Ok let me tell you guys something with regards to the proposed law changes.

When I was talking with Jeff about this and the proposed law changes, I mentioned how it probabley won’t happen and even if they decided to go ahead with the changes, they would have to be voted on and so forth.

HOWEVER, Jeff informed that was NOT the case. As opposed to trying to make new laws, they will make amendments to the current and exsisting laws (refered to as a Revised Statute) and call it further clerification and the Ontario Transportation Minister, I forget her name at the moment, DOES HAVE THE POWER to immediately enforce this! NO VOTING NEEDED! If she likes it, she does it, plain and simple. That is what Jeff said so to say “It won’t happen” due to money lost, that won’t matter.

I’m only stating the facts as they were told to me.

Now Zep, as for signing up thats wonderfull! I just need to get everything squared away with Jeff, transfer OMVOC in to my name, get the proper documentation and so on, as well as the membership forms. Then we’ll get rolling on signing up people. I REALLY appreciate your help on this one as I do need it!

did you actually read those pdf’s bruce?

the proposed “changes” does nothing to what the police already DO, DO!

the only thing it does is give them an actual HTA number to citate.

you’re making the Hype much worse than it is.

Yes of course I read but those are just an overview of what’s going to be talked about at the meeting! Jeff has been in contact with representitives, via phone and email, and there’s more then just what is on those papers. So honestly, no I’m NOT making more out of this. I have’nt even mentioned what the insurance companies are thinking of doing. Yes some of the bigger names in teh insurance business are going to be there too!

who’s your legal assoicate?
who’s your technical advisor?

pretty hard for someone like me, ( older and been doing this ’ tuning’ for more years then most of you have been alive …), to pay into something that has seen nothing but what looks like a bunch of kids trying to play political whip. If this is suppose to be like SEMA then you need to talk to not only the 'end users but the warehouse’s , retailers and even manufacturers)… ‘50,000’ votes don’t mean a crap when these politicians have insurance companies and auto makers breathing down thier necks… However having a few $100 mil in taxables on the line might be worth something to them in the end…


Well I’m not as young as you may think, nor as inexperienced when it comes to legal matters. I’ll be 31 this December, certified Paralegal (don’t really practise to much though) and a former Private Investigator. So with that being said, I am sure you can imagine I’ve dealt with legal matters before. The other member’s of OMVOC are either as old or older then I am so please check on these things first before jumping to any conclusions :wink: .

Now getting to your points, absolutely we will have to hire a lawyer who of course will have more experience in these matters. Talking to businesses is on the “to do list” as well but it has to start with the tuner’s first. We are the ones being targeted, not so much the companies making the parts, though they do have a large stake in the out come as well. If tuner’s are tageted for modifications, they won’t be purchased any more and er go, companies suffer major losses in profits and worse case, go out of business.

question… upon signing up with OMVOC what information will you need? and will the information be given to anyone other than your organization?


As of right now I don’t have all the information but I will once I meet up with Jeff, however I’m going to say that all memberships belong to OMVOC and for sure are not for just anyone to see. As well, this information will not be posted up anywhere or given to any other orginizations. Outside of maybe a member list that just has names on it for maybe the offical OMVOC website (which I would like to have made up) that would be the extent of publicly viewed information when it comes to members.

So I’m pretty sure you’ll have nothing to worry about man.:wink:

Staying with the website topic, is there anyone here that does that sort of thing? This would possibley be another avenue explored and also where some of the memebership fee’s would go towards. As you see the money being paid is not going to just sit in a bank account doing nothing. While OMVOC can’t garuantee anything (just like there’s no garuantee’s in life) we will be spending the money wisely in hopes that all we do will bennift everyone envolved.

Some of the idea’s that have brought up are,

Lawyer fee’s, advertising - t.v commercial on public access channles, radio ad’s, newspaper and magazine ad’s, website domain, products like stickers, shirts or hats, car show booth space and so on. Obviously there’s more to do but this at least gives you an idea on how or where money will be spent. If there’s any ideas you have, please feel free to voice them. Everyone’s thoughts and comments are welcome :smiley: .

That’s ass backwards… Of course companies have a stake?! you just pointed it out;’ if the consumer doesn’t buy, then they loose business…’ As for having it on your ’ to do list’ that’s beyond criminal… you want the private citizen here to float the bill for something that SEMA, for decades, has been doing with the industry alone… FOR the consumer. Frankly I have no desire as an individual or a business to get involved with this, just reeks of amature night with Bruce.

but that’s just my opinion.


Well that is totally your choice, no one will be forced to join especially if you feel it’s not benifical to you or that it’s “amature night”.

Saying it’s on the “to do list” is not criminal at all. There’s already a couple of businesses I’ve talked to who want in on this too but if there’s not enough interest from the tuner’s, then what good does a couple of businesses make when there customer’s don’t support or back something like this? OMVOC is asking no one person to float any bills. It’s a collective thing being done between tuners and companies to hopefully make a difference here. If there’s a victory, we ALL win and if not, we all could lose.

The starting point was with the tuners, gauging there interest and support and then moving on to businesses. Currently, due to the interal issues that came up with OMVOC, there is not enough staff to start calling up all the companies in Ontario who manufacture, distribute and sell performance parts and inform them of what may happen. However as more people get envolved, information is available and more people want to help, making all the calls, emails or faxes can be done.

Join or not, say it’s amature or not, I don’t really care because it’s no skin off my nose. I never said that I have all the answers, that I will make a difference or that everything is set in stone. All I’ve mearly stated were the facts as they were told to me and take of it what you want. If this whole thing is sooooo “ass backwards”, instead of making negative comments why not make some positive suggestions or, if you can do better, start something up on your own? I would be part of ANY orginization dedicated to perserving our passion for cars…

but thats just my opinion.

I’m am extremely interested in the outcome and would like to become a member of OMVOC. I would like to be kept in the loop with legal matters involving the modification of cars so that I may learn my right and privileges as both a consumer and car enthusiast. Are weely or monthly meeting occuring which I may be able to attend? Please PM me with any pertinent information.


Don’t worry man, I’ll actually be updating everyone on the new developments in the next couple of days.

Thanks very much for your interest in joining, in fact, THANKS TO EVERYONE who is expressing interest in this. :smiley:

Stay tuned for an update soon.

question you dont need a car to sign up for this right? i know its a stupid question but it must be answer’d :C

Edit: also any new updates with you guys?

Blade - No worries man, it’s not a stupid question. To answer it, no you don’t have to own a car in order to join. This is open to anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of OMVOC be it young or old! :wink:

Ok guys here’s what is happening.

According the Coporations Act of Ontario it’s not as simple as just saying so N so is the new President. There’s a lot more to that and since OMVOC is legally registered corporation all the rules and guidelines apply. So as it stands Mr. Jeffery J. Corradetti (with whom I’ve been speaking with) will remain as President despite now living out of province untill a new President can be voted in along with a new Board of Directors.

Now because Jeff is not able to attend this meeting he has set it up with Logan Purdy of the MTO that I am now the Acting Director of OMVOC so that I can sit in at the round table meeting next Tuesday. I will be speaking on behalf and for OMVOC and hopefully be able to sway some of the negitive compairisons between street racers and car enthusists. There was only 1 seat available for this meeting so in which case, I’ll be seated at the table alone however, Mr. Dennis J. Howard – Treasurer / Board member will be there with me. Dennis and I are good friends too, both share the same opinions on this so he’ll be supporting or advising me so thats a plus.

I have now been talking to Logan at the MTO as he requested a bio on me, which I emailed him and he is actually very pleased with it. He said, and I quote, “It’s a very good thing having the opinion of a reformed street racer at this meeting to show there’s a difference and not everyone who mod’s up there car is a street racer”. As such he has sent off my info so people attending know who I am and what I am about. In turn he has sent me the following information and here it is. This is a direct copy/paste,


Tuesday, November 21, 2006
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Oakham House (SCC115)
63 Gould Street, Toronto, ON

9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

  1. Welcome and Opening Remarks
    The Honourable Donna Cansfield, Minister of Transportation

  2. Overview of Discussion Topics – Dr. Leo Tasca

  3. Testimonial from Sudbury RCMP Officer

  4. Participants introduce themselves and their area of expertise or interest

  5. Group Discussion with Minister Donna Cansfield

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

  1. Facilitated Group Discussion of Topics

12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.


12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

  1. Facilitated Group Discussion of Topics

Topics for Discussion:

Street Racing Culture – Myths & Challenges

► What is street racing? Type of races? Types of racers?
► Why is it a concern? (today’s vehicles, modifications, technology, roadways and 24/7 society)
► What are the risks associated with street racing?
► What other criminal activities are associated with street racing?
► Why does street racing become and/or remain popular?
► Obstacles to addressing street racing? (dominant culture’s acceptance of speed, dangers associated with police chases, lack of street racing specific police data and difficulty in targeting impromptu racers)
► Status update on street racing in Ontario

Public Education Strategies

► Educating and warning street racers. Street racers can be informed about the social norms, dangers, and legal consequences of racing, as well as police enforcement intentions.
► Encouraging others to exercise informal control over street racing participants. For example, parents of street racing participants properly educated about the dangers and stigma of street racing may be encouraged to get more involved in influencing their children’s behaviour.
► Promoting alternatives to street racing.

Enforcement and Alternatives – What’s Working, What’s Not

Overview of what’s happening in Ontario as well as highlights of other jurisdictions’ responses to combat both organized and impromptu racing:
► Targeting racers with fines and/or vehicle seizures
► Enforcing new or existing laws and regulations targeting spectators with fines and/or minor offence charges.
► Targeting modified vehicles with fines and/or impoundment
► Closing streets and/or altering or restricting traffic flow
► Changes to street design
► Creating and encouraging racers’ legal alternatives, such as relocating to a legal racing area.

Proposed Federal Criminal Code Legislation

On June 15, 2006, The Federal Minister of Justice and Attorney General Vic Toews introduced legislation “An Act to amend the Criminal Code (street racing) and to make a consequential amendment to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act”.

► The proposed amendment to the Criminal Code builds on the existing offences of dangerous driving, dangerous driving causing bodily harm, dangerous driving causing death, criminal negligence causing bodily harm, and criminal negligence causing death.
► Under the proposal, if street racing is involved and the accused is convicted, the maximum prison sentence for criminal negligence causing death would remain the same (life imprisonment), but would be increased from 10 years to 14 years for criminal negligence causing bodily harm. The maximum prison sentences would remain the same for dangerous driving (five years), but would increase substantially if the accused is convicted of dangerous driving causing bodily harm (increased from 10 to 14 years) and dangerous driving causing death (increased from 14 years to life imprisonment).
► The proposed bill also introduces driving prohibitions that were not previously mandatory for this type of offence.

Provincial Legislative Strategies (British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario)

British Columbia

In June 2002, British Columbia passed legislation that allows police to impound vehicles engaged in street racing from 48 hours to up to 30 days. Moreover, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles or delegate can consider imposing an immediate driving prohibition under section 93 of B.C.’s Motor Vehicle Act for drivers who police intend to charge with dangerous driving as a result of a street race.


In June 2004, Manitoba passed legislation giving police authority to impound vehicles for 48 hours where they were suspected of being used in street racing. Spectators could also have their vehicles impounded and licences suspended. Racers who are convicted of street racing generally have their licence suspended for four to six months.


Street racers can be charged with “racing on highway” under Section 172 (1) of the Highway Traffic Act, and upon conviction can be penalized with any or all of the following: a fine of up to $1,000, six demerit points, up to six months in jail, and a licence suspension for up to two years.

The HTA also allows the police to seize a racer’s car in certain circumstances

Private Member’s Bill

On June 7, 2006, Frank Klees (MPP, Oak Ridges) introduced a Private Member’s Bill (PMB) 122, Street Racing Act, 2006, proposing to amend the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) to:
► Empower front line police officers to both issue immediate 48-hour roadside licence suspensions and impound for 48 hours the vehicles of drivers they have reason to believe were involved in a street race.
► Increase maximum fine from the current $1,000 up to $2,000 for a street racing conviction. The current maximum jail term of 6 months would remain unchanged. The current maximum two-year licence suspension upon conviction would also remain unchanged.
► Ban driving with a connected nitrous oxide fuel system on all streets and highways."

This is similar to what I posted up earlier but thats ALL the detailed information that was sent to OMVOC.

Dennis and I will be taking applications after the meeting for all of you who wish to sign up. He will be handling the southwest end of Toronto to the west and I will be handling all those in the northeast of Toronto out east. All membership fees can be paid using Paypal (must add 3.29% to cover fees), Interac Email Transfer via online banking, prefered method, or cash in person when either of us attend local car meets. With your membership you’ll be kept up to date on any/all developments, two OMVOC stickers to display on your car and hopefully some other permotional things too which you will be informed of.

Anyway, I will let you all know what happened at the meeting on Tuesday.

Take care guys and wish us luck! :R