Ontario Modified Vehicle Owners Council (OMVOC)


ha! government, funny guys they have working in parliament! Ontario officials know damn well that they cant put more restrictions without developing a huge economic downfall, however, the street racing part of it is minimizing! Actually, dare I say, the show circuit is also on a major decline. The auto, performance etc. industries were always, are, and will always be one of the most prime industries in Canada. These new laws the govt is passing are nothing new! Try to find the difference in meaning between these two sentences: “You cant go above speed limit on a private road” OR “You can only go equal to or below the speed limit on a private road”…THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE:{ !!! OMVOC, you have my FULL support, I’m sick and tired of the bad image the government invokes on such a beautiful thing (cars…specially Nissans, cuz I own a couple). A couple of months ago I also realized something else, there should be a police for police. Some cop sees my car (sexy 240SX RPS13 to S15 conversion), pulls up beside me and randomly decides to cut me off without even thinking, he had no sirens on, was in no sign of a hurry. So I beeped at him, like a normal human being would do, he slams on his brakes and goes back beside me once again, he tells me to pull over the car and I said “for what?”, after a persuading for 5 minutes with something along the lines of major fine threats me he pulls me over and slams his fist on my roof and hood and starts talking to me like im some sort of criminal. Plus I’m one of the younger tuners on the streets and I said “bro, honestly, i was going speed limit, the only reason i beeped was cuz u cut me off” it took him 5 minutes to give me some bullcrap excuse that he made up on the spot clearly. He ended up slapping me with a $120 fine…for what I still don’t know, so I went to court to fight it off, I got the ticket destroyed and the cop was fired after i said he slammed his fists on both the roof and hoof of my car, plus my cousin and his buddy were in the car and i had witnesses…and a video on my cuz’s cellphone. My point is, cops have driving issues as well AND when I was sittin at a Fortinos plaza, a cop (a rare, polite and coversable cop) comes up to the car and starts talkin to me about Nissan, by the end of the conversation, I get praise for my work on the car AND i found out he has a 500hp+ twin turbo 300ZX, so secondly, cops like tuning too! And lastly, Im fking tired of being treated like dirt and kicked around, jus cuz im doing what i love…being a tuner!
Would like to become a member of OMVOC!!


hey any updates???


Just got a ticket this morning which is derived from bias and prejudice from the cops. Where do I sign up?


Hey Bro, I know what you mean, I was in your shoes just before I came up here. I drive a 1985 Shelby Charger its done up and flashy, was on the road not even 20mins before I got pulled over and ticketed because my insurance slip was out of date (the car had a 10 day permitand I was using a old slip) so I know all about being pulled over based on descrimination!

OMVOC’s site will be up and running in approx 2 -3 weeks, we are working on it now. Its just a informational site (like a billboard) but will have all the contacts and what we are doing and how we are doing it.

PM me and I will discuss your case and give you some options, you can even give me your # and I can call you.

Hang in there and we will figure it out!

Jeffery J. Corradetti
President of the Ontario Modified Vehicle Owners Council


Hey Guys!

Just want to let everyone know that OMVOC’s site is up and running. We just have to add a link to the contact emails and pdf membership forms, as we go along you will see the changes. We are not going to get into a big website as its just an informational one. All of our attention and efforts will be at QueensPark and Legislative Assembly as well as Ottawa. Once you join you will be able to take part in the process at OMVOC and get information that you are looking for, as well as get support from us!

Check it out and let me know your thoughts so far:


Thanks, Jeff


Hey Jeff! The website looks great!

Layout looks very clean and professional. Cops ought to get the idea that we’re not ****ing around!


Hey Guys,

This internet thing is coming, by tomorrow you should be able to email me or any board members, get a update on the issues we are currently undertaking and download a membership form!

Any question, just ask!



Hey Guys, we have just made some major changes to the organization, its coming along well. I would like to annouce a new member of our team - Christopher Mandigma - He is taking the role of Vice President and I would like everyone to give him a warm welcome!

and a bump for OMVOC!



Thank you Jeff, and I am happy to be part of the organization.

Just so TNC doesn’t get too confused, I also own Premier Auto Detailing and to show my support for OMVOC which is relatively a new organization to the online car forums, for every detailing package service rendered to the TNC members, I will be paying for my customer’s membership which is a $15 donation.

We are all in this together as modified vehicle owners, we appreciate your support. Please visit www.omvoc.com and sign up as a member today.

Best Regards,


oh nice… good for you chris :R hope you’ll can really make some changes. im willing to help out…


Thanks Blade. It won’t happen overnight, but we will work deligently at it cause man… I hate my car with a front plate. And there’s so many other cars out there that would look great without front plates… on top of all the other hassles we run into for no justified reasons.


yeah the front plate thing is kinda annoying i mean a cop doesnt look behind him to see your plate they always go behind you to get it anyways :S fools…


I relocated mine… but i still wanna get rid of it. still looks ugly


I hate having to keep the front plate on my car. Looks better without, plus I’d have better airflow to intake (us NA guys need all the help we can get)


On the contrary, airflow means next to nothing on most NA cars and ours is no exception. The ambient air is more than enough. Airflow on a car with forced induction is crucial to it’s operation and thus, preventing a rich mixture from washing the Cylinders under load.
Z32 NA guys benefit from a less restrictive airbox. Following that the ambient air is more than enough.


Just to remind everybody we still have this Council still in place and it has and is proving to be difficult battle as anticipated.

We are still looking for support both through application of memberships and volunteer staff.

If anybody is interested in becoming a volunteer, please PM.

The duties of a volunteer representative for OMVOC would entail:
-searching on Canadian-based forums or other NA forums with a large Canadian member following; contact the site administrators and let them know that we’re looking for support through member base.
-corresponding with other auto enthusiasts online, in person, maybe randomly at meets and such and educating them about OMVOC and our goals.

If you have any questions, please let me know. We are open to suggestions.


I’m REALLY glad to see that OMVOC is still going and theres still interest :slight_smile: .

Due to taking care of my Mother a lot during her kymo treatments for her cancer and some other person problems, regretabley I’ve had to step down from this orginization. I couldn’t give the attention and time required but I will always FULLY SUPPORT and help out in anyway possible.

I hope all of you will do the same.

Cheers :R .


Thanks for the support, I hope all is well with your Mom, health comes frist and formost.

OMVOC is going through growing pains, and trying to get the word out there. We are the ONLY lobby group that works to fight on ALL levels, insurance, cops, gov’t etc.

OMVOC recently had a phone meeting with the Chief of Police in Hamilton and is now setting up a personal interview with the Priemier’s Office.

Hang in there and I will let you know if we can use any of your assistance!



You Can delete this thread as OMVOC is no longer in Operation



what happened to OMVOC we need you guys