Ontario Modified Vehicle Owners Council (OMVOC)


Does the council actually make progress with the government and police against discrimination of modded cars? Just curious cuz its a tough battle with all these cops and government officials pretty well trying to ban modded cars on the road. So it seems anyways when ppl are always getting pulled over by cops for the dumbest reasons (ie muffler being to loud?)


Lighten up BruceL, you are so serious about life Its the same ol story wherever you go these days. Dog owners love their pets, sometimes as much as parents love their children. A little empathy wouldnt go amiss Most people who have dogs include pets as family members and so they should. But, at the end of the day, they should clean up their dog mess after their dogs. However, this doesnt mean that ALL people should be branded the same does it? It is the minority who makes it bad for others. Maybe the council should invest in more dog wardens and then the right people should and could be prosecuted.