Project Progress - Boosted 3G's 2000 eclipse

97neon and i are installin toms tubo kit … ive been piecing the piping together and its my first time butwelding pipe, so im kinda crappy at it, but everything is gonna grind down and paint nicely so im not worried

tomorrow were have a few more pipes to fit , gauges and safc still hae to go it, injectors, resistor pack and some other shit , but were not doin to bad here

more pics in a few days

  1. bumper fitted over the monster FMIC … bumpers been trimmed across the top of the grill area to allow airflow across the whole IC

  2. ic- tb pipe … just needs one last 90 at the top, and then the bov flange

  3. bottom drivers side view … pipe fits tight to the core support

  4. basic IC pipes, far pipe is the compressor to IC, just needs a short extension and a 90 to get to the turbo

  5. mani and turbo mocked up in place … 1g mani and a 14b for now

nice :tup:

how many psi is he gonna run?

how good are his internals?

expected #s and times?

good luck :tup:

just 9 psi for now but i keep tryin to talk tom and mike into 12psi after we geet a good safe tune on the car

the block is stock, 50k miles and rock solid, cats getting gutted if its installed at all

times will prolly be in the mid 14’s, nothing wild but a nice start

exhaust is gonna be 2.5" out the pass side

next summer should be internals and a buttload of boost, and im lookng into recalibrating megasquirt to the stock sensors so that all we have to do is make an adapter clip off the stock ecu plug and throw in a few extra sensors that boosted cars tend to need

looks like a good project u have going there!

cool :tup:

I’d be boosted if I had the cash… I’ve been thinking of using a small OEM turbo for a little snky boost.

The project looks really nice so far…

And for never butt-welding pipes… they look pretty good to me :tup:

That front mount is WAY too big for a 14b at ANY psi…

Welds don’t look too horrible for a first timer

Get an EGT bung in there and a probe & gauge asap!

Don’t forget to weld an o2 bung in the exhaust as well

hrm, im not seeing any pics.

pics work fine for me.

BTW - I think that FMIC will be fine for 12psi on the 14…

no pics here

the pics are totally broken… go figure, they’re pics of an eclispe and they are broken


LOL ^^^^ :withstupi


what you couldnt wait til i uploaded the pics? i’ll get more later
i’ll be over today after work to help out

lol@first turbo pic

much better

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but I will be surprised if that engine lasts a year or even 6 months. The only NA->Turbo on stock block that I have seen last is the Honda stuff. Everything else falls to pieces very quickly.

actually NA-> turbo works great for the 3S guys as well, and they have 10:1 compression.

Rubi… you know as good as anyone, with a good/great tune, it can last.

The L36 (NA 3.8) loves boost, but thats GM and who care about domestics. Turbo kits have shown a great 2-3 sec ET improvement over stock. Motors last a long time with a proper tune.

Good luck with this. Looking good.


yes yes, mike and i know

thanks …

we have one, its going in

we have a bung for the wideband already

and as far as the matter of the engine lasting, the 3g 4g64 guys dont have problems , these engines have been getting turbod since they came in the 2g’s , the only 3g guys that have problems are the v6 guys … mainly cause noone ever realizes that the cam on the front bank is different then the rear bank, and thats why the front bank is usualy the one that has piston probs