Ron Paul 2012


Now The Weekly Standard has jumped on board ripping Ron Paul, the only true conservative running. I guess if you don’t support Israeli military killing innocent women and children you will have words like Nazi and anti-semite thrown at you. But should we expect any less from the Zionist editor Bill Kristol?

18 US war veterans are killing themselves everyday thanks to these Zionist initiated wars.

Voters have to ask themselves if they want to save this country or continue being a Zionist slave.

We could start by at least not letting so many dual citizenship people get such powerful jobs in DC. I mean seriously does anyone else see a conflict of interest?!?!?


3rd in Iowa. Not bad. 4% behind Romney and Jesus freak Santorum who should be a 1-state candidate.
Was hoping he’d pull off the win. He was in the lead in the early returns.


Stay classy and unbiased CNN.


Wolf Blitzer = Z1on1st

They have always been classy…


I dunno, I think CNN is giving him the fairest shake of the big 3. Fox News hammers him as a racist pacifist pussy whose supporters are all pothead college students, and MSNBC hammers him as a pro-big business anti-women’s rights conservative nutjob.


Yeah Fox has been relentless going back to 2008. Today they have a warning about Ron Paul for social conservatives on their website. :eyeroll:

I want to know how much Bachman was paid to stay in until today. Not even that crazy woman could be delusional enough to think she had a chance.


I just want to add that it is a crime that only a few people are ever going to see post 103 and post 104.


don was doing a good job sharing it through facebook today.

If it were accidental it would have been slightly more apparent in the reaction from the CNN facepieces


Yeah Don has been doing quite a bit on Facebook, at least someone is putting facbook to good use. :wink:


It’s kind of funny that Ron Paul has so much appeal to the younger generation. It’s kind of like the everyone-gets-a-trophy kids are sick of the taste of the unearned.


I think it’s less his economics and more the pro-personal freedoms and anti-war stances. The only young people that would benefit from his economics are trust fund babies.


Fair enough. Truthfully that’s probably why I like him, but otherwise will vote Obama. The democrats want your money, the main-stream Republicans want your freedoms. Granted ultimately they’re one-in-the-same but I’d rather pay more taxes and not see another patriot act in my lifetime if those are my only choices.


Trust fund babies and people who want jobs that would be created by Ron paul policy. :wink:


Minimum wage jobs (or less, since he doesn’t believe in the minimum wage) with no protections for the worker…

Like I said, he shows some potential in a lot areas, but this article sums up the ones that don’t work for me, and I think a lot of his young supporters would feel the same way…


He wants to protect this country, you know like Germany, Japan and China do. :slight_smile:


So I guess this is how the Iowa winner was chosen…

“They” “agreed” ?


WOW! I wish people in NH could have seen that little speech yesterday.


I guess just because FoxNews reports something it is not necessarily so. Santorum won Iowa. I remember watching Rove say they “had agreed” to have Romney be the winner. WTF?

At this point it doesn’t matter who won because Ronmey got to ride the wave of COMPLETE BULLSHIT.


a loyal republican calling out fox news? you’re never be invited to the next tea party.


The tea party has been hi-jacked and I want nothing to do with it. I watched Fox News for years but this last election has made me realize just how much they are controlled by *******s.

I can’t even say z1on1st in politisuck? LMAO. Can I say Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist?

Joe Biden admits he is one but I can’t say it?!?!? LMAO.