The life of a tuner enthusiast...

is hard becuase…

The lack of tracks
Harassment from police
Stereotype we get
Bill 203

Who has any more idea’s? I’m writing an essay for school and want to do it on the topic of us. I would love some more input especially from Vendors and Sponsors on the site!

Other “tuners.”
Counterfeit products.

Ricers :stuck_out_tongue:

potholes and speedbumps…

the look you get from ppl when you spend your whole paycheck on your car. Lol, they just don’t understand.

Women who open their doors in a parking lot and hit the side of your car. It’s always a woman, or a kid (who’s mom didn’t tell them to not do it).

I think I had my Camaro for a week and someone had already put a ding in my door, then a week later a scape down the side. Ugh.

The price of Ultra 94…

hte increasing popularity in vandalism, such as egging, and paint scratchiing since ppl want to destroy which then cannot afford. also we very much are looked down on. but i try to distroy that image and i help out anyone i see in trouble with their vehicles, or just typically try to be nice. but of course their are those select people (usually ricers) who a) try to race everyone B) are loud abnoxoius and drive retarded and C) typically are the assholes who give us the bad rep.

but police is a big thing, in my area we are trying to give back to the community…hasnt been working out so well. still been getting bad attention.

also ebay, ebay is killing our market. since they make knock of brands of what big companies (aem, greddy, Injen, Tein) put alot of money into research and design, where these ebay specials steal the design, make it crappier, and sell it cheaper. but that in turn kills our market since the big companies are loosing so much money they cant aford research to be able to bring out new or imporved products

^^ that is why i only buy name brand. (i hate politics also)

a thing in the future that will kill us is tax’s that right now the liberals are trying to introduce if they win the election, which is carbon tax, if you drive a car, they will tax you, its bs, just a money grab

I would question that statement. If I were you I’d check up on their calculator you have available and see how it’ll actually effect you. Chances are, since 240s don’t really have large engines (therefore not using a ton of gas), it shouldn’t be a problem.

I’d also point to other political parties for coming up with some of the current street racing laws which don’t really address any actual road safety issues, and are merely done to look good and get re-elected.

well the tax’s they want to introduce is not on the car type, just the car in general, you have a car? well we are going to tax you. you have two? great even more money. but if you ride a bicycle, or take public transit we give you tax breaks.

yeah and that is also true about the street racing laws, all this they are trying to put down (carbon tax, and the 50 over law) is supposed to make us not do those things, but people are still speeding at a large amount, and if they introduce that tax, im still going to be driving my car.

but lets make this not a politics thread

It’s sad because a lot of posers call themselves “tuners”

Please Mark, Preach!

Insurance companies jacking up rates or cancelling because the car is modified.

ageism, idiots, rust, epic fails that started innocent enough, stupidity, idiots, rice, ricers who don’t know they are, something that started as a mod and ended as a “shit… should have just left this alone” oil companies (not like we have a choice, inelastic, gotta pay to play) Insurance (ageism and stupidity of others) major cash grabs… hence 50 over… say what you will, but doing 50 over does not qualify for stupidity, clearly it is automatically stupidity, but it is no less ridiculous then other offenses that carry a lesser sentence, or a slap on the wrist, “if we catch you doing crack we will slap you on the wrist… but its not your fault your addicted… BUT if we catch you speeding… bend over and kiss your ass goodbye”

Thats more like it. I could use some more input guys, the more topics the better I can write up the essay.

what class is this for?

Its for a simple Communication course.

I think it’s all a business, they are trying to force people not to do up their cars etc. but they each year cars come out with more HP I think they are just trying to get people to buy more new cars. It’s all business.

It’s got nothing to do with street racing, people speed and race no matter what they are driving, if anything I see people without done up cars driving like idiots trying to prove theur car is quick then people who have done up cars and have nothing to prove and are don’t want to risk any damage or tickets.

And as far as the environmental issue goes, it has nothing to do with the environment, if it did the whole world would have environmental standards on emissions, not just north america. Here in Europe I see cars driving around that would be pulled off the road in north america instantly. There are cars here with no cats and sometimes no mufflers, there are cars that people drive every day that blow pure smoke out the back.

It’s all a business people. it’s all about money.

Wow, you guys are so negative. Does anyone have fun tuning their cars? I do!

What’s your definition of tuning?