Motorcycle licsense

Someone give me the lowdown on getting a Motorcycle licsense. Is it like taking a normal road test? What involved. what do you have to do etc. Thanks

from what i hear, you have to make a couple of right hand and left hand circles and be able to do a figure 8, without setting your feet on the ground.
other than that i think the rest its just like a regular DL road test.

You will have to take someone with a moto liscense. They will follow you and do the same shit they do when you’re taking your DL road test.
My buddy told me to make sure, NOT TO WALK THE BIKE… everytime you move the bike forward, get your feet off the ground.

I have to get mine soon. Maybe sometime this month, but i dont really want to do it in my 929rr. I kinda’ wanted to take a smaller cc bike.

Right circle, left circle and a figure 8. Small and agile is ur friend.

:word: Put your foot down and you fail.

The actual process is just like a car. Written exam -> Permit -> Road Test -> License

To legally ride on the road with your permit you have to have someone with their motorcycle license within something like 100 yards. Basically on the same bike (don’t do that), leading or following in a car, or leading or following on their own bike.

The better way to get your license is to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation beginner class. It’s 300 bucks, but you learn how to ride with some skill and confidence, and more importantly how to not die. It consists of like 8 hours of classroom time and like 16 hours of (really fun) parking lot exercises on little Hondas that they provide. Something like that anyhow, it’s been 8 years since I took it. They hold them at MCC on West Henrietta Rd. The final exam is much more comprehensive than a dumbass DMV road test, but it is also much easier because you are better prepared. When you pass your final exam you are given your motorcycle license. No DMV involvement other than getting your permit so you can take the class.

I bet you’d have a ton of fun on a bike. It’s a much cheaper game to get into than the modded car scene too. :tup:

Take the class.

The MSF course is the way to go for sure. Once completed you get a certificate in the mail. Take that to DMV and they give you your license.

ask ieatpaint… he just passed his today

2 left cirles, 2 right circles… that is it… other than that its just to and from the side street where they do the turns… need to have a permit obviously and a licenced driver in the car with the grader… you CAN put ur foot down, its just a point reduction… also when coming up to a stop sign always leave ur brake foot on the bike and put ur left foot only down… unless your at a light for a long period of time… its pretty easy if ur comfortable doing slow maneuvers…

sweet… Learn something new everyday. ^^^ good info.

Thanks, now to get some exp in riding. have to get the bike fixed first.

what do you have?

i think hes got one of those electric pocket bike joints.

bahahaha ^^^
Its actually a 44cc suFuki bsXr. lmao… jk.

no but really. what kindA’ bike do you have?

use a street legal dirbike… makes it the driving test so easy

word. i put my foot down twice if i recall. and i even misunderstood his directions pretty badly and still passed. i was really nervous, i even put my foot down on my left hand circles, which i can do pretty well. i suck at rights, and that’s what i was most nervous about. i just basically went straight for 3 blocks, made a right, did 2 left circles, pulled over, 2 right circles, then went back to the starting point. all of 5 minutes. i screwed it up pretty badly by putting my foot down twice, and then totally misunderstanding his directions at the end, but i still got it somehow. maybe with me showing up in a motorcycle jacket, leather gloves, and full faced helmet helped me a little bit, who knows.

I have a '79 Suzuki 750 that was my dads. It needs a lot of work, but once i get it fixed im gonna start riding. Its mad old school.

Ive got a permit but its been expired since early this year. i ride a 1980 yamaha xs-650 thats cafe’d out. if you are a new rider the part i cant stress enough is to watch out for other people as they tend not to notice you and as far as taking your road test if you are uneasy about it you can just find someone with a scooter and take it on that hahaha its gotta be wayyy easier. personally from my expierence if you dont drive like an idiot and dont have a sportbike cops usually dont pay much attn to you…and as always

loud pipes save lives!

Its a OLD sport bike. Doesnt have any of the fiberglass cladding or anything. Im sure i can snag a pic of it.

Those are the best kind! Have fun. Ride safe.

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